Monday, July 26, 2010

I scream

Have been outing with friends for a few days, 
and its kinda tiring. 
I'm so tired at the moment. 
Because there's tons of assignments, 
piles of reports, presentation and FINALS! 
Seriously, I hate to complain. 
But i think complaining is the only way that
i can get this stupid things off from my chest 
and shoo my madness away. 
Well, This is what i having now --> a hectic lifestyle! 
Hmm, its time for me to start studying from now onwards. 
No more chilling, outing and gethering please. 
Please don't come and invite me anymore. 
What i need to do now is just concentrate.
Urgh, life is always difficult but smile please :]

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Smile please

Said the optimist
You are too grevious 
Pessimist does think that 
You are not depressed enough
Life is neither perfect nor regret 
It is simply an ordeal
One must constantly 
repelling hopeless with belief 
to soothe loneliness with LOVE

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