Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye December .

December has come and gone again. Well, it is sad to say goodbye to a good year that bringing friendships, fun or challenging in life, lots of laughter, and love! But, look, there is a bright star, a new light in the sky, and many days of fun with friends ahead! 

Most of us probably going to make a conclusion before the year end. I know, I know. This is kinda boring but for me it's a must, because i need something to remind me all the time. Once again thanks to everyone who participated in my life. Your lovely photos always helped keep away the holiday blues. Uhm, remember not to look back, because good or bad, happy or sad it is always wonderful to rejoice in the Lord. Just let it be. I'm going to fight the best things for the new year. Yeah, there's might be a tough one for me, but i think at least i need a try.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Someone like you .

I want to remember how you've made me laugh, and sometimes cry, and I never want to forget how special and different you are. And how you touched my heart in a way that no one else could. Yeah, and i know u're the one who i've been searching for . A friend like you will never turn me away. You'll be there for me everyday. Hold me when I'm feeling sad. Rejoice me when I'm feeling glad. You see right my pretenses. You look right through my mask. You just know when I need a hug. I never ask. You show up when I'm lonely. Stay when I'm depressed. All of my rude comments, you just shrug away in jest. Always knows what to say and how to out it gently to make the pain go away. But just lately I have realized, the best is yet to come, someone like you. Thank you for the all great memories, for most of all, thankyou, for being you. (You know who you are) :P

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here we are.

Yay!!Finally we able to hang out together.
The simple celebration but with tons of love.

That was my belated birthday celebration.
Yeah, I know it had been passed for years.
But still i'm touched with it. 
 Thankyou Dear for everything.
Oh! today is totally joy and love.

*(More photos will be uploaded)*

Thursday, December 16, 2010


我喜欢 你知道我哪里怕痒 答应不搔痒可是我们还是一样会搞怪
我喜欢 我们一起吃饭时 最大的乐趣是到处看正妹 
我喜欢 我们常常偷听别人的对话 然后一起批评人家没有脑!
我喜欢 我们时而滔滔不绝 时而默不作声
我喜欢 每当我准备要吓你时 你会预备好要被吓一跳
我喜欢 当我失意悲伤时 你不会老是要让我立刻高兴起来
反而让我痛快地哭一场 因为有时候把当时的情感发泄出来会比较好
我喜欢 当我胃痛时 你会觉得很难过
马上拿烧水给我喝 还不停地骂我
我喜欢 当我胡闹脾气时 你不会生我的气 反而拼命跟我说对不起
我喜欢 我们经得起距离的考验 虽然有很多不开心 但我们都选择忘记 
我喜欢 把我的心情写在这里 虽然不懂你到底有没有时常来看

Saturday, December 11, 2010


现在的我 只想快乐
真的 快乐就好

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Right now

Oh god,the contract is going to terminated soon,
the happiest moment for me.
I'm so excited to travel with besties after this.
(salary gonna to burn up =.=\\\)
Too many wistlisted stuff need to buy :P
Feel that i'm repeating doing the same thing in the whole day.
We're what we repeatedly do right? 
I think this is not an act but a habit.
But i'd learnt many things over there.
Especially communication skills and stress tolerance.
EQ upgraded too.
Guess that i've stronger immune system towards my mom now.
Anti-nagging and scolding.
And i'm glad that i met lots of nice colleagues.
After raped by the calls, 
At least there's someone to share and talk to.
The most surprisingly is i've got many malay friends.
No more racist in my dictionary!
Tehee :D

Today's quotes: Live right now, just be yourself.
It's doesn't matter if there's good enough for someone else.

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